A Highlight About TimberRidge Construction from Downtown Cranford

Anthony and Lisa Carbone moved to Cranford 14 years ago. They knew it would be a great town to raise their family, as well as run their business, TimberRidge Construction. They’re both very involved in the town and feel it’s important to give back to their community and show their children how to be a good citizen.  Whether it’s coaching a sport or being a member of the Board of Education, Anthony and Lisa have always been involved.

Anthony and Lisa started their business from the ground up. Anthony has always been in the industry but in 2005, they officially went off on their own to create TimberRidge. “We’re never not with each other!” said Lisa, laughing. 

They love the Downtown because of the variety of businesses, as well as the walkability and camaraderie with other business owners. Over the past few months, they spoke frequently with business owners and shared tips, successes, and failures. TimberRidge never shut down and Anthony and Lisa were adamant about keeping their employees on. During the quarantine, they ran into road blocks but continued to push through.

TimberRidge does additions, renovations and custom homes – anything that is a capital improvement. They are proud of how they will always go out of their way to support their Cranford community. The best way to stay informed is to go to their website and follow TimberRidge Construction on Instagram and Facebook.