A. H., Cranford NJ

We signed our contract to renovate our home in Cranford with TimberRidge Construction in February 2020. Before I review the actual work, I want to recognize the kindness, empathy and understanding that TimberRidge showed us as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. The very first thing they said after non-essential construction could start was we can wait. If I didn’t feel comfortable embarking on a massive kitchen renovation, we could wait. I never once felt like I needed to put my family at risk because I signed a contract, and that is because of how Lisa and Anthony run their business.

Our construction was delayed until July 2020. I cannot say enough wonderful things about every person that entered my home that works with TimberRidge. Everyone was wonderful, respectful, and true professionals. In addition to the overall craftsmanship, their expertise was invaluable as all of the details came together. I am elated with the final product and invite everyone I can to peek in to see the amazing work that they did to make our home the most beautiful it could be. TimberRidge was the absolute best decision we made in regards to our home. As with every construction, there are always impromptu things that come up that you have to deal with, this year especially. Whatever it was, it was taken care of. They are all wonderful, caring, decent people who truly love their community and give back in ways that are seen and unseen.